Conquerors Wanted forBiker Destinations in the Valle Anterselva

Our bike guides will see to it that the Passo Stalle-Staller Sattel pass, the Malga di Costalunga-Langegg Alm pasture, the Breitwiesen meadow, or the Passo di Gola-Klammljoch pass will not remain unknown for long and can certainly be conquered. The bicycles will be taken care of by bike rentals and bike clinics, while hints and recommendations for bicycle tours will be provided by the local tourist offices.

The forks gently absorb the shock of the roots and swallow up the rock steps without complaint. A mountain bike may just be a mountain bike. But like a loyal servant, it transfers every push of the pedals into rolls of the wheels and heaves the biker up to dizzying heights so that both the lungs and the horizons expand. Then there is plenty of room for the gleaming blue of the sky, the dark green, almost black, of the thick forests of conifers, the glistening gray of the gneiss cliffs.